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Tag Recovery and Rewards in the Pacific Ocean

How to tell if a fish has an archival tag:

Archival tags are implanted in the body cavity of the tuna, and only the light sensor protrudes out of the body. However, archival-tagged bluefin also carry unique external conventional streamer tags with two-tone coloration to help fisherman recognize these fish. The external tags are placed about an inch off the dorsal midline on each side of the fish. On the white portion of the streamer tag it says "electronic tag inside cavity," and on the green side it says "Big $$$ reward".

Find an Archival Tag? Reward is $250!

Find an Pop Up Tag? Reward is $500!

How to tell if a fish has a pop-up satellite tag:

Pop-up tags are approximately 13.5 inches long and are darted into the fish on either side of the dorsal midline. If the tag has already released from the fish, the fish will still carry a conventional streamer tag stating that the fish once carried a pop-up tag. Even this streamer tag alone is of great scientific value and is eligible for a reward. It is also possible to find a post-release pop-up tag that has washed up on the beach or is floating at sea.

How to remove the tag and get your reward:

Regardless of whether it is an archival or a pop-up tag, report the tag immediately to one of the following contacts for instructions on how to return the tag and claim your reward:

Barbara A. Block
ph: 1-831-655-6236 


Baja California, C. P. 22800 Mexico 
ph: 01-646 -137-6335

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